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HATCH is the realization and combination of the creative and technical talents of Deak Ferrand and Cheryl Bainum. As digital artists and producers both had experienced similar career paths through notable visual effects companies ranging from Buzz Image Group in Montreal to R!OT in Santa Monica. They created HATCH in 2001 to design and create stunning visual effects while specializing in the arenas of concept art and matte painting. In addition to fulfilling their aesthetic ideals, the partners continually promote involving clients at the earliest stages of preproduction as a method to help control costs as well as to specify and help maintain the Director's vision. Another key reason HATCH was created is to allow Ferrand and Bainum the freedom to develop their own creative content. HATCH designs and produces digital visual effects for films, television productions, commercials, games and interactive projects. Their team is particularly skilled with developing concept designs, digital matte paintings, intricate compositing and computer graphic animations. They have also been known to build their own models and miniatures for productions when needed. HATCH recently added a RED Scarlet digital camera to shoot live-action green screen inserts, visual effects elements and digital content. The camera is also available for hire, please inquire within if you're interested. The company has enjoyed contributing to many high profile and award winning films such as Jack the Giant Killer, The Dictator, Twilight Eclipse, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Lord of the Rings, Hellboy I and II, Matrix Revolutions, The Manchurian Candidate, The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Shooter, as well as the Academy Award-winning What Dreams May Come and Golden Globe / Academy Award nominated The Assassination of Jesse James.

deak ferrand

Originally from Switzerland, Deak was classically trained as a painter and sculptor before honing his skills as a concept artist and matte painter in Montreal and then Hollywood. In 2001, he launched his own studio, HATCH, where he continues to collaborate with clients on all creative aspects of their projects, from concept design to final output. As his reputation for cinematic digital artistry has grown over fifteen years of collaborations with an impressive array of filmmakers, Deak's talents have also extended beyond the realm of visual effects conceptualization and into content creation. By experiencing the earliest stages of visualizing motion pictures with his clients, he utilizes his talents to translate his clients' ideas into vivid details and expressions far beyond storyboarding. His highly stylized conceptual artwork comes to life with a cinematic sensibility, presenting fully developed scenes and characters at a final level of finish. Equally adept at presenting historically accurate environments as he is at developing intricate fantasy and sci-fi 'other worlds', Ferrand imaginatively composes and fluidly lights each frame. His signature approach of injecting detail and activity throughout each environment provides clues to Ferrand's capabilities for producing his own brand of story. What Dreams May Come also earned Ferrand the Nica award of The Prix Ars Electronica, one of the most important yearly prizes in the field of electronic and interactive art, computer animation and digital culture. His artwork was selected by the international jury at the Toronto Film Festival for the Into the Pixel Art Exhibition, which showcases exemplary works of art created specifically for video game titles.

cheryl bainum

Cheryl is the executive producer, born and raised in North Africa. Her family did not own a television until they moved to Europe when she was twelve! How she ended up producing visual effects is a curious path. Her university studies focused on International Relations and Diplomacy but her true love was working with artists. She landed a job at Buzz in Montreal, as an assistant to a visual effects supervisor, where she began to learn the ins and outs of the craft. When the studio was set to open in Los Angeles in 1995, she was promoted to producer. She remained there through the mergers until she took some time off to focus her attention on her new life as a mother. Teamed up again with long time accomplice Deak, they have been putting magic on the big and small screens for decades.

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